Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And so it began...........

I'm pretty sure this was how it started for me. That's my little altar there, my second familiar and I'm pretty sure I'm in the middle of casting. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Old Soul

Although I don't fit ALL of the traits of an old soul....99% of them I do. About the only one I don't fit is the one where you are not controlling of others. I have a bad habit of that...it's not that I want to be controlling it's that I feel like I need to be in control and sometimes I do. I am not the kind of person who sits around and waits for somebody else to grow a fucking pair of balls  take the bull by the horn. If it needs done and I don't see somebody else hop on it in a nano second-- I'm going to be on it. It's the way I am wired. My mom and grandmother were the same way. Piss or get off the pot that was their motto and pretty much mine. 

Anyhow..thought this was kind of an interesting read .....  Are You An Old Soul?  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just Be...........

Sometimes I just want to ....."be".

I don't want to go anywhere
I don't want a schedule
I don't want to log my food
I don't want to exercise
I don't want to talk ..and/or think

I am going to be needing one of those days ........soon........

Jewelry Junkie


 "Those who dance are considered insane by those who do not hear the music"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Catching up --

Just random thoughts -- I'm back at the office so while we are busy posts will be sporadic. 

That's my motto. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back to the office she goes..........

Well I did it...I forgot to post something yesterday. Nothing much went on...oh except zumba which totally rocked. Had a great class and 6 new peeps. WooT!

anyhow for today...Ash Lynn made this pic for me and I freaking love it...am going to small poster size it and hang it in my kitchen! Thanks Ash :)

Photo: Lisa this was inspired by you!!!(and I mean that in a good way LOL)

Oh and it was my first day back to the office....WooT! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Me at my worst

I have very FEW people who can accept me at my worst...but those of you who can..know who you are..and know that I love you!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"I" got this........

I just feel like this all the time. Not that it's a bad thing but sometimes I just get tired -- you know -- like the iron in my blood has turned to lead in my ass kind of tired. But I keep on going. What else is a witch to do?

Story of your life............

We all have contributors to the story of our life...however we do NOT have to allow them to hold the pen. Don't even set the pen down. Keep tight of it. If it weren't so powerful they wouldn't want it so badly.

A friend added -- let them write in pencil -- that way you can erase it if they mess it up!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Using the whole box of crayons

Oh  yes it is

so did actually start working on my journal...gonna be all crafty and creative with it. Was actually having some fun with it.  More on that later.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Coffee Makes EVERYTHING Possible

Oh yes it does!!  It has probably also kept me out of prison! All praise be to coffee!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let's try it again -- without the socks ...

LOL this could so be me and my bestie. I've done this...I've moved the scale around to different spots on the floor until I find the best reading. 

This post dedicated to "the coffee"

I drank coffee before Lorelai Gilmore made it the "cool" thing to do. I grew up drinking coffee with my dad. And he had to make mine just like he made his ..which was with a dash of cream and 2 sugars.  Now I drink it black - straight up with the big kids. But let's talk coffee ...

coffee coffee coffee  ( <--- click there)

Let's take a look at some links shall we? 

Drink as much as you want

More Coffee  

More Coffee                                                  
  Happiness is a hot cup of coffee
    Oh yes!

That's one of the best things about coffee...it doesn't ask silly questions. 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

365 days to write a new book-- make it a good one......

And so there it sits. All pretty and ready to be written in and here I sit on my computer blogging. Why is it easier in this day and age to type in a blog than to write in a journal? I did order some journal pens...we'll see if that gives me an ommph. 

 Oh hurry pens and come!

Another day in paradise....

And yet another reason to set off with a positive attitude...annoying the world one mindless victim at a time!  BAHAHAHAHA!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Excuses Excuses...what's yours?

What stops you from doing whatever it is you know you should be doing or want to be doing?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Balanced For Life

Balanced for life
So when people ask..."how did you do it?"...What is your response? I know a lot of people want that quick fix. I want it yesterday. Really? You exercised? You watched what you ate? NO...the hell you say...where is that magic pill???

Really we are going to be covering 2 topics here..and this may be an ongoing project all day for me ...so be sure to stop back.

Topic one..weight loss -- it's not rocket science ...it is this simple.

No pill -- you just have to burn more than you eat. And you have to know when to refuel. You don't go to the gas pump and over fill your tank just because you think your cars tank should hold more..why do that to your body ( and I'm questioning myself here...nobody else) this is actually an inner revelation ...it hit me just this morning when all the useless mind boggling crap in my head screams for coffee   it's when all my brilliant thoughts come to mind. 

Now topic 2  -- BEING FIT   -- that is a WHOLE NOTHER' ISSUE -- which we will address here..and please feel free to give me your ideas on being fit. I might compile them into another photo collage and post it here.

Being fit -- for me: 

Watching what I eat -- not just for calories sake. It's too easy for me to go to the crap cupboard and use all calories on something that is only going to make me hungry for something else. It's like feeding a gremlin.  

Sleep  -- I CAN work on 2 -4 hours of sleep a night -- does that mean it is good for me...all signs point to NO.  Since I have been trying to get between 6 -8 hours I have felt so much better. And I know it SUCKS for people who can't sleep that much due to jobs or family or whatever. I've been there with jobs and crap too..I KNOW how bad that sucks. And there really are no solutions. If you can sneak a nap in during the day or early evening or whatever DO IT.

Water -- Can NOT even stress this enough. You have got to drink water. And I suggest if you find one certain meal is a trigger one where you could binge..drink a big 16 oz glass of water before you eat...or if you are going out to eat...drink it then..drink it slow..and let it fill up those cracks and crevices you would have temptation filling with something you will regret later.

Having said that... don't go all bat shit crazy on the day's you eat something you shouldn't -- or you go over your calories for 1 day. You will gain some water weight or sodium weight ..but if you don't do this on a daily basis a week will even itself out. ( Yes I state this from personal experience)

Stress  -- we all have it ..and unfortunately we get to go through life with bouts of it. FIND a way to relief it. If this means a hot shower, soaking in a tub, going out, hair cut, mani, pedi, massage, doping the kids up on benedryl  getting a sitter , reading, walking, WHATEVER  FIND SOMETHING! Stress is a proven killer. I find that screaming like a banshee works well to relief stress for me. 

Exercise  -- there it is..you knew I would get around to it. Get up and do something. You don't have to run cross country, you don't have to lift the neighbors car, ...just get up and do something. Walk around your house, walk around the office, go up and down some stairs. Start slow and then build on it. Once you get moving you will be surprised at how much you want to move more.  ( get a fitbit) -- best money I ever spent. I have a personal trainer who doesn't scream in my face and yet I WANT to get up and get moving. 

Spiritual -- find the spiritual side of you. I don't care what you practice..just find something that give you hope and peace. 

Turn off the tv   -- you just said you couldn't find time to exercise and yet you can quote tv lines? Ok...bend over and let me shove my foot up your ass! (ps before all you die hard watch tv while you exercise flog me-- I do watch movies..I steer clear of reality tv ( kills MY brain cells)...but I DO my other important stuff before getting glued to the tv.

Same thing with the internet -- if it's taking up so much time you can't work on the above..set it aside for awhile. Unlike twinkies...it will still be here tomorrow.

Brain  -- find it ..use it. Read a book. Study nature. Do you know how much stuff you can learn from just sitting and looking out a window and bird watching, or nature watching? Study the clouds and the sky. 

Find your happy place  again -- find something that makes YOU happy at least once a day. We spend way too much time trying to people please and yeah you do have to do some of that..but don't neglect yourself. Life is too freakin' short. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Creative Self

And on the 6th day she rested..and she created! These are just a FEW of my favorite quotes..and I will add to this as the year unfolds. This is the year as tips said.."kickin' ass and takin' names" which just happens to be another one of my favorite quotes and we use it often in our group discussions on myfitnesspal.com (if you haven't signed up there yet..do it...do it now. )

Other than this I've done basically squat today ...oh except for buying size 8 jackets to go with my size 8 jeans...oh how I love typing size 8. Never in my life did I ever think I would be wearing size 8 let alone typing ...wait for...........it ...........................................size 8 . (k I'm done)

..and with that she proclaimed that the iron in her blood had turned to lead in her ass and she might consider going to bed early. (ha yeah right)

Friday, January 4, 2013


Merry Meet!
 And thanks to Tiptoe Chick for starting to blog again! {w0v0t}   Glad to see it. Check back...as for now I'm going to go finish editing this..cuz I have no fucking clue what I'm doing here. :) 

....so figuring it out. The assignment was 3 positive things that I "like" about me. Ok...

  • I like my quirky sense of humor. Dry to some. Crude to others...whatthefuckever-- I can be pretty damn witty when I want to be..which is always!
  • I like that I can get along with most people. DISCLAIMER - I trust you once..fuck me over and we're done. 
  • And ok since I'm doing this with my own group..we also get to add 1 superficial thing..so here's mine. I love my curves. I've lost 35 lbs ( yes you may applaud) since July...but I'm losing it in all the right places and managing to keep my curves! WooT
 GOAL for 2013 

Ok -- so my 

Grimoire writing had come to a halt. This can't happen. I have soooooooooooo much more to write. I need to get back into. I have like 2 books started..none of them have a really good start because my first thing was to just have crap printed off the internet and put in a binder..which I do have and it's pretty big...but my son told me it means more to have it hand written..plus it helps in remembering everything when you write it out yourself. * I didn't ask him he just offered that critic on his own but it does make sense* So my goal is to get busy on the books..get them organized in some order and keep at it.  Writing, reading = learning.

As far as diet and exercise. I have been on myfitnesspal.com since July now. I wear a fitbit from the time I get up to the time I go to bed and this has been a huge factor of my losing 35 lbs. I am right now the lowest I have ever been since high school. I started out at 167 in July wearing a size 17 jeans. I am now at 131 and wearing a size 8 in jeans. !! OH YES I AM! I set my goals of 7000 steps a day, 10 flights of stairs climbed and 3 miles a day walked...this can include walking around walmart, doing activities around the house etc. I was also given a small gym bench as a gift from someone I met on myfitnesspal. ( go figure)... I can do all sorts of exercises on it and use it to implement my hand weights. When it's warm enough to tear up the garage I am getting my sons real weights and bar out and going to give that a shot. 

I am as healthy right now as I have ever been ..and I have made the commitment to continue this new lifestyle.  The women on my moms side of the family go to their graves at old ages ...kickin' ass and takin' names! That will be me too!

 --mmmmkkkk -- I think I covered it all. I will write more tomorrow and am actually starting a journal too. So I'll be blogging some and real writing some and trying to figure out how to combine them...but I really think I need to get back  to writing some stuff down on real paper with a real pen. :) !

k -- later and thanks for taking the time to read this. 

PS -- edited to say  Day's 1 - 3 were spent thinking about starting this blog. I have to think about things for a couple of days before actually proceeding.