Monday, January 7, 2013

Balanced For Life

Balanced for life
So when people ask..."how did you do it?"...What is your response? I know a lot of people want that quick fix. I want it yesterday. Really? You exercised? You watched what you ate? NO...the hell you say...where is that magic pill???

Really we are going to be covering 2 topics here..and this may be an ongoing project all day for me be sure to stop back.

Topic one..weight loss -- it's not rocket science is this simple.

No pill -- you just have to burn more than you eat. And you have to know when to refuel. You don't go to the gas pump and over fill your tank just because you think your cars tank should hold more..why do that to your body ( and I'm questioning myself here...nobody else) this is actually an inner revelation hit me just this morning when all the useless mind boggling crap in my head screams for coffee   it's when all my brilliant thoughts come to mind. 

Now topic 2  -- BEING FIT   -- that is a WHOLE NOTHER' ISSUE -- which we will address here..and please feel free to give me your ideas on being fit. I might compile them into another photo collage and post it here.

Being fit -- for me: 

Watching what I eat -- not just for calories sake. It's too easy for me to go to the crap cupboard and use all calories on something that is only going to make me hungry for something else. It's like feeding a gremlin.  

Sleep  -- I CAN work on 2 -4 hours of sleep a night -- does that mean it is good for me...all signs point to NO.  Since I have been trying to get between 6 -8 hours I have felt so much better. And I know it SUCKS for people who can't sleep that much due to jobs or family or whatever. I've been there with jobs and crap too..I KNOW how bad that sucks. And there really are no solutions. If you can sneak a nap in during the day or early evening or whatever DO IT.

Water -- Can NOT even stress this enough. You have got to drink water. And I suggest if you find one certain meal is a trigger one where you could binge..drink a big 16 oz glass of water before you eat...or if you are going out to eat...drink it then..drink it slow..and let it fill up those cracks and crevices you would have temptation filling with something you will regret later.

Having said that... don't go all bat shit crazy on the day's you eat something you shouldn't -- or you go over your calories for 1 day. You will gain some water weight or sodium weight ..but if you don't do this on a daily basis a week will even itself out. ( Yes I state this from personal experience)

Stress  -- we all have it ..and unfortunately we get to go through life with bouts of it. FIND a way to relief it. If this means a hot shower, soaking in a tub, going out, hair cut, mani, pedi, massage, doping the kids up on benedryl  getting a sitter , reading, walking, WHATEVER  FIND SOMETHING! Stress is a proven killer. I find that screaming like a banshee works well to relief stress for me. 

Exercise  -- there it knew I would get around to it. Get up and do something. You don't have to run cross country, you don't have to lift the neighbors car, ...just get up and do something. Walk around your house, walk around the office, go up and down some stairs. Start slow and then build on it. Once you get moving you will be surprised at how much you want to move more.  ( get a fitbit) -- best money I ever spent. I have a personal trainer who doesn't scream in my face and yet I WANT to get up and get moving. 

Spiritual -- find the spiritual side of you. I don't care what you practice..just find something that give you hope and peace. 

Turn off the tv   -- you just said you couldn't find time to exercise and yet you can quote tv lines? Ok...bend over and let me shove my foot up your ass! (ps before all you die hard watch tv while you exercise flog me-- I do watch movies..I steer clear of reality tv ( kills MY brain cells)...but I DO my other important stuff before getting glued to the tv.

Same thing with the internet -- if it's taking up so much time you can't work on the above..set it aside for awhile. Unlike will still be here tomorrow.

Brain  -- find it ..use it. Read a book. Study nature. Do you know how much stuff you can learn from just sitting and looking out a window and bird watching, or nature watching? Study the clouds and the sky. 

Find your happy place  again -- find something that makes YOU happy at least once a day. We spend way too much time trying to people please and yeah you do have to do some of that..but don't neglect yourself. Life is too freakin' short. 

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  1. This was a great read, and it has a lot of good points and ideas, I can't wait to read more of what you have to say.

    I am so glad Dee came up with this idea :)